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our butter

Whether you’re using butter to top popcorn or bake delicious goodies, many products include the use of butter. Our butter is made exclusively from pasteurized sweet cream and milkfat that is salted or unsalted to your liking. Burt Lewis can you get the quantity of butter you need, big or small, salted or unsalted.

Varieties available

Salted Butter

Unsalted Butter

Butter Oil

Products you need

Hundreds of dairy products are at your fingertips with Burt Lewis Inc. Choose from a wide selection of dairy products such as butter, cream, whey, and more.

Quality Confections

With our wide variety of products, Burt Lewis Inc helps you create high-quality food products such as desserts, bakery products, cheeses, and more.

Why Work With Burt Lewis Inc?

As a leader in the dairy industry, Burt Lewis has the connections to provide any and every dairy product on the market, no matter the quantity. We take pride in the quality of our products so you have the best ingredients money can buy. Give one of our staff members a call, and they’d be happy to help with the ordering process.

Here to Help

Big or small, we treat every business with care and ensure they have the best of the best dairy products. Call us today to learn more if you have questions about our processes.