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We’re proud to offer any and every dairy product on the market, from whey to buttermilk powder to cream. Learn more about our offered dairy products. Don’t see a specific product? Ask us and we can order it.


Salted or unsalted, our butter is made from pasteurized sweet cream and contains milkfat not less than 80%. 

Anhydrous Milk Fat

A high quality pure milk fat used to remove water in products. It can be used in confections such as ice cream, bakery items, and butter.


A high nutrition product used in baked goods, beverages, dairy foods, meat products, salad dressings and more.


Whether you need half and half, heavy whipping cream, or just light cream, Burt Lewis Inc has you covered with a wide variety of cream-based products.

Condensed Skim Milk

Our condensed milk is pasteurized and pure, free from any additives, so it can be used in yogurts, cheeses, desserts, and infant food products.

Buttermilk Powder

Light in color with a sweet dairy taste, our buttermilk powder can be used in bakery goods, frozen desserts, dry mixes, beverages, dairy products, frozen foods and more.

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You need it? We got it. Interested in working with Burt Lewis for your dairy supply needs? Contact our dairy experts for more information.