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Frozen desserts, yogurt, infant formula, cultured products, and cheese all may include condensed skim milk. Obtained by the partial removal of water from pasteurized skim milk — condensed skim milk plays a key role in a number of culinary dishes and products. Burt Lewis Inc can get you the varieties that you need, no matter the quantity.

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Burt Lewis Inc offers unmatched selection for dairy products and supplies. Milk powders, creams, and more are a phone call away.

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We utilize our extensive supply base and vendor partnerships to ensure your products arrive with consistent high-quality.

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If you partner with Burt Lewis Inc for your dairy products, you can be sure you will get what you need when you need it, with no headache. We take all the complication out of the process. Simply give our friendly service staff a call, let us know what your business needs, and we will handle the details.