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Buttermilk powder

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Buttermilk Powder is the underappreciated star component of a number of dishes and dairy products. Made from traditional buttermilk instead of cultured buttermilk, it is dehydrated to form a powder. This product can be stored for much longer than traditional buttermilk, while still retaining the creamy taste and richness of butter. Burt Lewis Inc has established relationships with the top buttermilk powder vendors across the US and Canada. We can supply you with the highest-quality product with the convenience of a simple telephone call.

Unbeatable Convenience

Burt Lewis Inc handles the details of your dairy product order. We take pride in the ease our customers enjoy. Just let us know what products you need, and we will handle the rest.

Quality Buttermilk Powder

Buttermilk powder supplied by Burt Lewis Inc is manufactured by our longtime trusted vendors, ensuring the quality and consistency of your products remains unbeatable.

Why Choose Burt Lewis Inc?

From buttermilk powder to cream to whey, Burt Lewis inc can get your business the quality dairy products you need to succeed. With over 40 years of experience in the dairy industry, our network is extensive, enabling the procurement of any dietary restrictions or niche product you may require. We service multinational corporations and small family producers. No matter the size of your order, Burt Lewis Inc will get you the product you need.